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  • Phenolic Resin RF-20
    • Trade Name: Penorl™ RF-20 Other Name: Resorcinol-Formaldehyde Resin, B-20-S
    • CAS No.: 24969-11-7
    • It is modified resorcinol formaldehyde resin.
    • It is same as Penacolite B-20-S


    • 1. Phenolic resin RF-20 is modified resorcinol formaldehyde resin.
    • 2. As methylene acceptor adhesive, it contains no free formaldehyde, and has low vapor pressure to reduce the volatile smog and loss of resorcinol when the processing temperature above 150℃.
    • 3. When react with methylene donor (such as HMMM, HMMM-65), then generate thermosetting resin, which effectively promote the adhesion between rubber and steel cord or fabric cord.
    • 4. It is similar to Penacolite® resin B-20-S
      1. Application:
      2. 1. RF-20 resin can be used as methylene acceptor adhesive to replace the resorcinol monomer.
      3. 2. Suggested ratio: 2-5 poses RF-20 resin, 2-5 poses Rubber adhesive HMMM, HMMM-65 or other methylene donors. Please be noted that R-20 resin doesn’t work without methylene donor.
      4. Packaging and storage:
      5. It is packed in paper bag lined with plastic bag. Net weight: 25kg/bag.
      6. Shelf life is 1 year.

    Black brown granule
    Heating loss %
    Softening point ℃
    99 ~ 109
    Free Phenol %
    Ash Content
    pH Value(50% water solution) 4 ~ 6
    Solubility: Water: completely insoluble
    Alcohols: completely soluble
    Ketones: completely soluble
    aromatic hydrocarbon solvents: partly soluble

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