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  • Rubber Accelerator DPG
    • Trade Name: Leatec™ DPG
    • Chemical name:      Diphenyl guanidine
      Chemical family:     Guanidine type accelerator
    • Other name: accelerator D
    • CAS No.: 102-06-7
    • It is similar to Vulkacit D


    1. Without odour and poison. Density:1.13-1.19g/m3.Easily soluble in acetone, ethyl acetate; Soluble in benzene, ethanol; Slightly soluble in carbon tetrachloride; Insoluble in water and gasoline.
    2. Application:
      Accelerator DPG (D) is Generally used for natural and synthetic rubbers. Mainly used in manufacture of tires, slab rubber, rubber shoes and other technical rubber products.
      Packaging and storage:
      1. In woven bag or kraft paper bag lined with PE film bag, net weight: 25Kg/bag. 
    3. 2. Shelf life is one year.

    - White or grayish white powder
    Melting point ℃ min. 144.0
    Heating Loss % max. 0.30
    Ash Content % max. 0.30
    Residues on 150μm sieve % max. 0.10
    Purity % min. 97.0

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