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  • Rubber Accelerator TBBS
    • Trade Name: Leatec™ TBBS
    • Chemical name:      N-Tertiarybutyl-2-benzothiazole sulfenamide
      Chemical family:     Sulfenamide type accelerator
    • Other name: accelerator NS
    • CAS No.: 95-31-8
    • It is similar to Santocure TBBS, Vulkacit NZ, Delac NS, Accicure BSB


    1. It is white or light yellowish powder.Density:1.26- 1.32g/cm3.Soluble in benzene,chloroform, carbon disulfide,acetone, methanol,ethanol, but hard in gasoline, insoluble in water, dilute acid and dilute alkali.
    2. Application:
      Accelerator TBBS (NS) is a Vulcanization accelerator with delayed action,short cure time,has high anti-scorching quality, processing safety. Widely used in all sorts of rubber products and tires,especially the meridian tires. The product is an excellent delayed accelerator with more delayed action and great curing rate and other advantages.
      Packaging and storage:
      1. In woven bag or kraft paper bag lined with PE film bag, net weight: 25Kg/bag. 
    3. 2. Shelf life is one year.

    - White or light yellowish powder
    Melting point ℃ min. 104.0
    Heating Loss % max. 0.40
    Ash Content % max. 0.30
    Residues on 150μm sieve % max. 0.10
    Insoluble in methanol % max. 1.00
    Free amine % max. 0.50
    Purity % min. 96.0

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