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  • Rubber Adhesive MF510
    • Trade Name: Penorl™ MF510
    • Chemical name:      Hexamethoxymethylmelamine (HMMM)
      Chemical family:     Methylated melamine-formaldehyde resin
    • Other name: Rubber adhesive A, Melamine Resin, Rubber adhesive HMMM
      It is similar to CYREZ® 963.
    • CAS No.: 3089-11-0


    1. Rubber Adhesive MF510 is methylene donor in bonding system for rubber and steel cord or fabric cord.
    2. It is soluble in water and common organic solution.
    3. Application:
      1. It can promote adhesive force to rubber and steel cord or fabic cord. 
    4. 2. Suggested ratio: 1.5-3 phr rubber adhesive MF510, 2-5 phr resorcinol formaldehyde resin or other methylene acceptor.
      Packaging and storage:
      1. In standard IBC drum lined with plastic film, net weight: 1.1MT/drum. 
    5. 2. Shelf life is one year.

    Colorless transparent liquid.
    Combined Formaldehyde content %
    Free formaldehyde content % ≤5.0
    Density g/cm3 1.080~1.210

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