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  • Rubber Antioxidant
  •   Vestox™ Rubber Antioxidant

      Vestox™ Antioxidant DTPD (3100) Overview .TDS
    Vestox™ DTPD has good resistance to ozone, excellent anti-flex cracking performance. Vestox™ DTPD is suitable for load tires, cross-country tires and various tires and bias-ply tires.

    Vestox™ Antioxidant TMQ (RD)


    Vestox™ TMQ is particular excellent kinds of general-purpose ammonia anti-ageing agent. It particular suit to all-steel and semi-steel radial tire.

    Vestox™ Antioxidant 6PPD (4020)


    Vestox™ 6PPD as a powerful antioxidant and antiozonant for natural and synthetic rubber and as a synthetic polymer stabilizer.

    Vestox™ Antioxidant IPPD (4010NA)


    Vestox™ IPPD is used in plastics, resins and rubber production.


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