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  • Rubber High-efficiency Abrasion Resistance Agent M-1
    • Trade Name: Jerina™ M-1 M-1 agent is Rubber Short Fibers, it is a Functional Auxiliary Agent for rubber and tire industry.
    1. Application:
      M-1 agent mainly used in tire, conveyor belt and rubber hose production.

      M-1 agent is Rubber Short Fibers, which is a new functional auxiliary agent, and developed by Nano material as carrier and contains multifunctional groups.

      It is non-toxic, harmless to human and no environmental pollution.
      Executive standard: Q/0205XYJ003-2015


      1. 1. For the formulation of radial tire tread and OTR tread, M-1 agent can be added directly, which can significantly improve the performance of Abrasion Resistance, cut-resistance and stung resistance, also can improve processing property of semi-finished product, improve appearance and service life of tire.
      2. 2. Add M-1 agent together with carbon black, it is easy to disperse and less energy consumption during milling, rubber compound has good autohesion.

      3. It would be very smooth when semi-finished products extruded, and keep stable dimension, the tire surface is solid, shining and very beautiful after vulcanization.
      4. It can improve flexible performance, tear resistance and abrasion resistance of rubber compound, and improve aging resistant performance of sulfide products.

      Usage and Dosage:

      1. 1. 3-8 phr for tire production.
      2. 2. Add M-1 agent directly on the basis of original formulation or can make a slightly change. Optimize the vulcanization rate based on the experimental data and results.
      3. 3. Above all are suggestions, you can adjust for best performance by yourself.

      Packing and Storage:
      1. It is packed in Kraft paper bags lined with plastic film, net weight is 25kg/bag.
      2. It should be stored in a cool, dry warehouse.
      3. The shelf life is 24 months.

    Test Method
    White superfine powder
    visual inspection
    Heating loss(105℃X2h),%
    Ignition loss(800℃X2h),%
    Oil-absorbed Value (ml/100g), %
    pH Value
    Sieve residue (150μm), %

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